Governor Sullivan Chime approves N141 million for Rangers sign on fees

Players and officials of the Flying Antelopes will soon receive their sign on fees after the Enugu state leader approved money for the payment
Players and officials of Rangers are in a joyful mood after Enugu State Governor Sullivan Chime approved the payment of 100 percent of their sign on fees by releasing N141 million.

The Enugu side is yet to pay a per cent of the sign on fees and the Governor is eager to motivate the players by ensuring they get the money before the last four matches in the league.

Rangers' media officer Foster Chime told that though it was late in coming, the players will get the money in the next two weeks.

"Yes the Gorvenor has approved N141 million for the payment of sign on fees. This is coming at the time when the boys need all the motivation to excel in the remaining matches in the Nigeria Premier League.

"I want to say that it is not over yet. There are four key games yet to be played. But the greatest motivation will be the payment of the sign on fees.

"Already the players are happy that they will get their money in the next two weeks. This weekend, all things being equal, we should be playing Shooting Stars in Ibadan.

"This is a massive game that means a lot things in the League. We intend to do well in the match and players are determind to get something out of that game.

"We know that we should have started the payment of the sign on fees, better late than never.

"We believe the payment of the sign on fees will further ginger the boys and make them concentrate on the four games yet to be played," Chime said.

Rangers are presently on top of the league table with 58 points.