Former Barcelona defender Gbenga Okunowo loses all as fire guts his Ibadan home

The former Super Eagle says he is devastated that fire gutted his house in Ibadan on Sunday morning
Former Super Eagles defender Gbenga Okunowo has told that he is at a loss how to start life again after fire burnt down his duplex in Ibadan on Sunday morning.

Okunowo who played professional football with Barcelona and Benfica noted that everything he has ever worked for was ravaged by the fire incident.

"I was sleeping at around 2 a.m Sunday morning when I heard noise in the house beside mine. The fire started in that house is owned by Power Holding Coporation of Nigeria and I jumped down from the bed to help my neigbhours.

"But I did not envisage the fact that the fire will extend to my duplex. But I watched as the fire got to my building and nobody could do anything.

"Before I knew what was happening, the roof of my house was blown and the fire was so fierce that nobody could go near it.

"I could not remove anything from the building. It was so sad. There is nothing left in my duplex. Everything is gone. My whole house is gone. My passport, European residency papers, medals, trophies & belongings were lost in the fire."

"I watched as everything was burnt. I really don't know how to start again. I was wearing my boxers after waking up suddenly and I watched how everything I have laboured for, got burnt.

"I really don't know why it had to happen at this time. How do I recover my trophies, medals, passport and other valuables lost?

"It is a sad day in my life," Okunowo said.

The former junior International returned to the Nigeria Premier League when he joined Sunshine Stars this season.