Dumbor Awanem: 'There was nothing wrong in Dolphins car gifts'

The general manager of the Port Harcourt side says everything went well in the way cars were shared to players

Dolphins have come out to say there was no foul play in the sharing of cars given out by Rivers State Governor Rotimi  Amaechi for winning the Nigeria Premier League last year.

On Monday last week, the governor announced car and cash gifts for players and officials of the club and by Friday, the cars had been given out but the media went awash with reports that some players were exempted from the largesse.

Dumbor Awanen, general manager of Dolphins, reveals that the club has a policy on this issue that had to be upheld to the letter.

“Like we did in 2007 when the club won the FA Cup, the cars were given out to only those players who stayed with the club and it’s good for you all to know that there were no underhand dealings involved.

“We sympathise with players who felt they should have received cars but didn’t because they left the club but that is the policy here and we had to stick with it,” Awanen said.

Awanen also revealed that as a soft landing for those players who did not receive cars all players and coaches have agreed to part with half of the money they received to share amongst those who did not receive cars.

“You know the players who got cars also received five hundred thousand naira each while the coaches got one million naira each. Now they have agreed to forgo half of the money they got to share amongst those who did not get cars.

“That is just their way of saying it was a team effort and they want everyone to at least go home with something,” the general manager said.