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The Akure-based side will begin to enjoy a rosy relationship with the South African club side

Sunshine Stars and South African club side FC Cape Town have entered into agreement to stimulate football investment from the commercial perspectives.

The deal was brokered by the executive director of the Ondo State Football Agency (OSFA) Mike Idoko after a four-day visit to the club’s office in Sacony Road, Parow, Cape Town.

According to Errol Dicks, owner and chairman of FC Cape Town, the visit of Idoko was part of their three-year “Stimulus Plan, READ the game & win the game,” a strategic blueprint intended to stimulate FC Cape Town to the elite league.

“This plan represents an enhanced platform designed to transform FC Cape Town into a winning and successful football club in pursuit of excellence in South Africa and beyond,” Dicks said on phone.

According to him, “Idoko is rated high in South Africa like Ivan Xhosa because he has been successful in all the clubs he has handled. That is why we invited him over to help bring players from Nigeria and elsewhere in line with our drive.

“FC Cape Town envisions becoming a world class club and academy of excellence guided by five values: learning organization, attitude, development and improvement, high performance, supportive environment. The overall plan replicates a benchmark of excellence and quality with a view to make a significant IMPACT in the football fraternity – model of excellence, world class excellence and sustainability”, the Cape Town boss added.