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The national team coach has flayed the technical input of local coaches on NPL players

There have been complaints from Nigeria Premier League (NPL) clubs through their coaches that players that are invited to the national teams, especially the Super Eagles, do not put in the effort when they return to their respective clubs.

But Stephen Keshi, coach of the national team, has raised another concern and this time it is about the level of competence of the local coaches in the NPL.

“When the players come back from the clubs, their level would have dropped and for the first week after their return, we have to brush them back up before we commence whatever we are trying to impart,” said Keshi on a television programme.

“I do not know what they do at their clubs and I am not in charge of that but that could be the reason why the players do not give their best when they return to play for the clubs.

“Before they go back to their various clubs, we always tell them that it is their club form that will determine their invitation to the team,” added Keshi.

“You know players are like women – sometimes you need to hug them and at times you have to kiss them. We do all that to them in the national team and that could be the difference between the national camp and the various club sides.