Ikechukwu Uche: There is always more to give to the national team

The Granada of Spain striker says he will continue to put in the effort to score more goals for the national team

Granada striker Ikechukwu Uche has been the most consistent scorer for Nigeria in the last 12 months but he believes that there is always more to give to please himself and the fans of the Super Eagles.

Even though he added that the task of goal scoring is the whole team’s responsibility.

“There is always more to give for myself and for the fans,” Uche told the BBC. “You have to know that it is not only me – the team scored the goal through me and I have to thank the fans for being patient.

“It could be me today and another player tomorrow. But they must understand that we cannot give them what they want all the time. There are situations that will be tough and things could be rough and may not go the way we want.

“For me I would like to start scoring immediately the match kicks off but that does not happen as the other team has defenders. It is a game and football teaches that you have to keep trying when things are not going the way you want.

In the match against Namibia, Uche spurned so many gilt-edged chances before finally scoring the only goal of the match in the 80th minute but he says when you miss you just have to continue trying.

“You have to continue giving the effort even if you score in the first minute. You have to put that aside as every minute in a football game provides a different challenge.

“Something good could happen in the first minute and something bad could happen in the last minute, we just have to work together as a team and do the things that we can and if at the end of the day we are able to win with a lot of goals, fine.

“The most important thing is if you can always get the victory though it is difficult,” he concluded.