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A round robin format will be used to determine the four teams that will play in the semi finals of the competition

Organisers of the Gulder 5-A-Side Football competition has revealed that a round robin format will be used to determine which teams will get to play in the semi-finals of the tournament.

Ejiro Omonode of Mastersports said the remaining six teams will be grouped into two and they will play amongst themselves in each group before four teams will emerge.

"The first two in each group automatically qualify for the semi-finals.  And the last in each group is sent packing.

"So the teams will play a lot matches on Thursday and we will get the semi-finals which will take place on Friday," he said.

Captains of some of the clubs have been speaking of what to expect during the group matches.

Sheriff FC captain Husseini Olayemi said that they have the players that can withstand the rigours of three matches in a day.

"I am confident of the players in my team and we are going to do all within our powers to get to the semi-finals stage of the competition

Mandiba FC captain Ali Bello said they have passed that road before and is optimistic that they will surely be among the teams that will play in the semi-finals.

"We are ready and we are not afraid of any team," he boasted.

The winner of the tournament will receive a five million naira prize.