Jonah Abutu: Nigerian League players deserve better treatment

The Lobi Stars midfielder says Nigerian players need all the support to excel in the local league

Lobi Stars midfielder, Jonah Abutu has appealed to all the bodies concerned with the organisation of the league to help the Nigerian player to excel.
Abutu told that players go through a lot of stress to make ends meet and called on everybody to rally round to give the players an enabling environment to exhibit their talents to succeed.
"I am appealing to the people in charge to help and put smiles on the faces of every player in the domestic league.
"How can players do well when salaries don't come when it is due? How can they give their best when it takes some clubs more than two years to pay sign-on fees?
"It will be hard for anybody to blame players for what is presently happening to our football because they are not even given the opportunity to exhibit their talent?
"That is why I am calling on those concerned to create that environment that will give us the opportunity to show that we are world beaters when things are done in the proper way.
"If the players can perform when situations are not right, you can imagine what will happen when their welfare is made the top priority in all the clubs.
"We have good players but they need to be motivated to succeed," the former Dolphins players said.