Stephen Keshi: Super Eagles players must do their talking on the Kamuzu Banda pitch on Saturday

The national team coach has told his players that the best way to reply the denigration from the Malawian coach is by beating Malawi on Saturday

Stephen Keshi, Super Eagles coach has refused to be pulled into replying to comments made by his Malawian counterpart, Kinnah Phiri. Phiri has been running down the Eagles by saying he knows how to beat the Nigerian team in the run-up to their Brazil 2014 World Cup qualifier this weekend in Blantyre.

The Eagles who will fly out of Abuja on Thursday evening have been told by their coach that the best reply to the Malawian comments is to beat Malawi on Saturday on their home ground. Phiri has been quoted by the media as saying the Super Eagles is a side that is a spent force in African football. He also added that the Nigerian team is only living on past glories and that his Malawian team were ready to take the Nigerian team to the cleaners. Nigeria will be added to the casualty list that includes Egypt and Cote d’Ivoire boasted Phiri.

Keshi, not one for joining issues told his players that he expects them to react positively to the jibes from Phiri.

“We respect every of our opponents, including Malawi, and we deserve equal respect but if they think we are a spent force, then it’s up to you players to prove otherwise on the pitch of play”, Keshi said.

While also accepting that Malawi have a bunch of young players that are talented and mobile, he added that he believes his current team can do the business of getting a win against Malawi on Saturday.

“We have prepared well enough and we have a bunch that I believe can deliver the goods,  that to me will be an appropriate answer to the opposing coach, who thinks we no longer have world class players. I want you to go score as many goals as you can to make Nigerians know that the Super Eagles are back to their glory days,” Keshi added.