Festus Allen: The Nigeria Premier League is getting better

Former 3SC coach says that the standard of the game in the country can only increase when referees officiate the game with more integrity
The former coach of 3SC, Festus Allen believes that the level of officiating in the Nigeria Premier League (NPL) has improved this season over previous seasons when there was always home wins for teams in the league.

"Officiating has improved from the way it were in the previous years and am not saying we are there yet but we are better,” Allen told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

"Now we have matches ending in goalless draws without people raising issues."

Allen said football is an emotional game and that may have led to some issues of hooliganism in some match venues.

"Angry fans at match venues are only showing their emotions because football is all about emotions.

"They tend to show their grievances through fights and throwing things to the pitch and these actions are either positive or negative,’’ Allen concluded.

Allen was asked to step aside as coach of Ibadan-based 3SC after the league went on break for the first stanza.