Ocean Boys allege attack from Sharks fans in dressing room

The NPL week 23 game was called off today because fans allegedly attacked the away team in the dressing room

The Nigeria Premier League game between Sharks and Ocean Boys was called off on Saturday evening after fans suspected to be Sharks supporters allegedly attacked players and officials of Ocean Boys in the dressing room before the start of the week 23 game.

Eye witness account has it that just before the game started, it was noticed that there was trouble and shouts from the dressing room of the away team as everybody started running away from the stadium when they noticed what was happening.

Ocean Boys media officer Asein Eddy narrated their side of the incident to Goal.com in what he described as a show of shame.

 "We were already done with the warm up and we were in our dressing room to prepare to come out for the match when some fans came to our dressing room and started beating us. They even came with guns and threatened to kill us.

"Our assistant coach, Timmy Akusodu was badly beaten and he had stitches all over his face. It was a terrible sight and we were wondering what we did to warrant such treatment.

"This is not good and will not help our football. Because of what happened and the injury to our players, we had to hurry back to Yenagoa," Asein said.

Confidence Idaa, media officer of Sharks, feigned ignorance of any attack on Ocean Boys and asserted that what happened to the club was done outside the stadium. He stated that Ocean Boys were trying to play politics with what they said happened to them.

"We were all here at the stadium and no violent scene was recorded here. I don't know where Ocean Boys got what they said happened to them and I am convinced it didn't happen inside the stadium.

"They left for Yenagoa and there was nothing the match officials did not do to make them play the match, but they didn't budge at all,” said Idaa.

Officials of the league body are yet to make any official statement on this because according to a top official they “have to get the report of the match officials."

Earlier in the week there two separate incidents in Gombe and Bauchi where 3SC of Ibadan and Rangers were reportedly attacked by fans of Gombe United and Wikki Tourists.

 It was in one of the incidents that 3SC player Raheem Owolabi was stabbed in his hand and a Rangers cameraman had his camera smashed among other psychological trauma and physical brutality suffered by the players and officials of the two teams.

The only Nigeria Premier League game that was played on Saturday ended 2-2 between Rising Stars and Kaduna United.