Shooting Stars target Dolphins, Rangers stars

The Ibadan side is looking towards the direction of two players who can strengthen it for the second stanza

In a bid to strengthen their squad for the second stanza of the Nigeria Premier League, the technical crew of Shooting Stars are looking towards signing two players that will help them finish well this season. learnt that among the new players they are targeting include Rangers striker Razaq Adegbite and Dolphins defender Sylvester Ebiaku.

A top management member of the club told that the two players and others that will soon be signed will really help in making sure that the team not only escapes relegation but finishes well this term.

"Adegbite and Ebiaku are good players and we have identified them as some of the boys that will help the team in the second round of the season.

"By the time we come out with the official list of players that we have signed, then you will know we are serious about doing well in the second round of the league," said the official.

Shooting Stars are currently 17th on the league table with 23 points.