Former Nigeria assistant coach Fatai Amao: Referees' suspension will enhance the local league

The Nigeria Premier League will get better as more referees are suspended after shoddy performances
Former Nigeria assistant coach Fatai Amao on Tuesday commended the Nigeria Premier League (NPL) Match Report Review Committee over its suspension of some referees over poor performances in the league matches handled thus far.

"If they are found guilty, I think the suspension is appropriate and the sanction is very good to clean up the bad image already created by our officiating,” said Amao to the News Agency of Nigeria.

He said that the international status of Nigerian referees will be revived and stepped up by these pronouncements.

“If our games are free and fair, the whole world will begin to take us serious as they watch our league matches,” he added.

Amao also added that these sanctions should continue on defaulting match officials with appropriate sanctions also handed out for unethical conduct from club managers.

“Let them [football coaches] also be prosecuted to create an enabling environment for our football,” Amao added.

He said the idea of giving undue advantage to home teams was past its due date and should be stringently discouraged as it destroys the very fabric of the game.

But Amao advised the NPL Match Report Review Committee to give some allowance for real human errors.

“We are all human and are bound to err, but if their poor officiating glaringly reflects unjust sectionalism, favouritism, tribalism and corruption then they should be prosecuted,” the former 3SC coach concluded.