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With just four days to the first leg of the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers between both teams, the Wasps coach has assured the Super Eagles that they will receive respect

By Babajide Alaka

Recently there has been some alarming news from the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) concerning the terrible overall state of the stadium where Rwanda are billed to host Nigeria on February 29 in the first leg 2013 Africa Cup of Nations qualification game.

Milutin Sredojevich, the Wasps’ coach, has allayed these fears in an interview with

“Nigeria is a well-respected country all over the world and we (Rwandans) will be according them all the respect they deserve when they come to visit us next week,” Sredojevich said.

Musa Amadu, NFF acting general secretary, said during the week that Nigeria’s advance team to Rwanda had said the venue of the highly anticipated match in Kigali, Stadio du Provincio, is not good enough to host the game.

But Sredojevich believes that Nigerians should not hold any fears of coming to Kigali in terms of their safety. “I am not boasting but in east Africa, Rwanda has the best playing facilities.

“We are even hoping to host the Nations Cup, so we will not do anything to spoil that chance by putting up a sub-standard stadium. All the things mentioned are little and I have told my players to concentrate on their game and leave the politics to the administrators.

“Let me just say this, the stadium, the people and the team, are ready for the Super Eagles,” concluded the Serbian.