Conte: Juventus deserve more credit

The Bianconeri boss was unhappy with journalists at his post-match press conference for what he perceived as continuous undermining of his side's performances
Antonio Conte believes Juventus should be given more credit after beating Napoli 3-0 to move within a point of Serie A leaders Roma.

The Juve coach took umbrage with questions surrounding the first goal as Fernando Llorente appeared to tap home from an offside position.

However, Conte responded by airing his exasperation at the regularity of these types of questions.

"The linesman needed a magnifying glass to see that, as he was 23 centimetres offside," the coach told reporters.

"I find it sad that after a game we played so well for 90 minutes and won 3-0, the first thing I'm asked about is about a marginal offside call. It takes away from the performance of the team and I am truly disappointed.

"You expect the start to be compliments for a fine performance or any other questions about tactics, players and situations."

The 44-year-old was upset by queries that he felt had now imposed themselves on his press conferences on a habitual basis.

"This is our third year as challengers, yet we always hear talk about referees or wait for the tiniest opportunity to say Juventus are done or not as good as they were - but we're still here," he continued.

"It's not easy to stay near the top of a league that has improved dramatically.

"A coach has to be a good psychologist and think the way players think. I said it would be tough for us this year, as the others have everything to gain and we have it all to lose. That's why I said whoever doesn't win has failed.

"Everyone praises the other teams, but Juventus are always up there. It's tough - for us and everyone else."