Ambitious Petkovic says Lazio must go far

The Biancocelesti boss was pleased after his side continued their good start and spoke of how the team must keep their winning mentality and finish high up in the league
Lazio boss Vladimir Petkovic was in a positive mood after his side picked up a 3-0 win over Pescara at the Stadio Adriatico and insisted that they should keep up their good form even if people do not expect them to.

The 49-year-old coach is always demanding perfection from his side and this was no different as the Biancocelesti boss looks to go build on their impressive start to the season. 

“This Lazio must go far, but right now it is better to focus on improving certain things. Our objective is victory. We always want to win," Petkovic told reporters.

“The first phase of the season was very important and we started positively. Now we have two weeks to work with the squad, minus the internationals, and try to recoup some energy.”

Miroslav Klose scored twice in Lazio's 3-0 win and Petkovic spoke of how important it is to have experienced players with ambition in the team.

He added: “We want to carry on this winning mentality. Great champions like Miroslav Klose are necessary for a team that has ambition."