Chelsea midfielder De Bruyne: I am happy at Werder Bremen

The Stamford Bridge loanee took to Twitter to assure the Bremen fans that reports claiming he is unhappy in the country are a result of a poor translation from an interview
Werder Bremen midfielder Kevin De Bruyne has slammed suggestions that he is unhappy in Germany insisting they are a result of a poorly translated article.

The 21-year-old, currently on a season-long loan from Chelsea, was quoted in local media as saying he was not enjoying his time in the Bundesliga and had a poor relationship with manager Thomas Schaaf.

The quotes were taken from a translated interview which De Bruyne gave to Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad.

He allegedly said: "I miss the warmth and the atmosphere that I had in Genk.

"Germans are more formal, more serious. If Werder is a family club, it's more for the German players.

"The coach is okay but we don't talk. It's simple: He hasn't come up to me and I haven't come up to him.

"I started having German lessons but I have stopped. I don't like it. Honestly speaking, I don't want to live in Germany in the future."

But the ex-Genk man has used his Twitter account to refute the quotes, claiming he is happy in Bremen and is enjoying learning the language.

"To everyone who reads German papers: the interview that has been published about me is a translation of a Belgian interview," he wrote.

"In the translating process, some things obviously went wrong. I really am happy in Bremen and I'm fully adapting to the German mentality.

"I'm here to learn and I'm learning each and every day. I only said I miss my friends and my life in Belgium, but I certainly didn't say that I'm unhappy here!

"I hope this clears things up for everyone. Focus on the national team now!"