Heynckes must never doubt my loyalty, insists Matthias Sammer

The executive at the Allianz Arena stated that his presence on the bench during matches poses no threat to the current boss, even though his future remains unclear
Bayern Munich sporting director Matthias Sammer has declared that coach Jupp Heynckes must never doubt his loyalty amid speculation over his role at the club.

The new addition to the Bavarians' board of directors has been at the heart of controversy embroiling him and the team's trainer over his insistence of sitting on the bench during games.

However, the 44-year-old was adamant that he is merely an observer and revealed that there is no hidden agenda to his decision.

"We will have tests, we will talk, we will also have different opinions. It will be difficult at times, but Jupp Heynckes must never doubt my loyalty," Sammer stated to Bild.

"Sometimes, people try to damage our relationship. I know that Jupp Heynckes  expects total loyalty from me. Of this he can be sure."

The 67-year-old's current contract is due to expire at the end of the season, but while Sammer admitted they are monitoring other options, it is merely a process of being prepared.

"Why should we determine now what will happen at the season's end? I talk to him about things beyond 2013, after 2014. The day of decision comes. And it is Jupp Heynckes' decision," he continued.

"Of course, it may not happen to us, that we eventually stand surprised and unprepared. Therefore we monitor [coaches] and start thinking, as with players also.

"Today I will not speak at all about this case, if and when Heynckes maybe, possibly, potentially stops. But of course he will be at some point involved in any plans [for a replacement].

"Whether we address this issue now, in 2013 or 2014 or 2015, we will discuss this with Jupp Heynckes.