Klinsmann: England deserve to host a World Cup

The USA coach believes the country where he spent two spells with Tottenham merit hosting its second World Cup as the Football Association reaches a milestone on Wednesday
Former Germany international Jurgen Klinsmann has explained that England deserve to host a World Cup as the Football Association celebrates its 150th birthday later this week.

The USA coach believes that the country, who won the competition in 1966 on home soil, should get the chance to host football's biggest international tournament because of its history and what the game stands for in the Premier League.

"If there is one federation in the world that deserves more than any others to host the World Cup, it would be England," he explained to FATV.

"The FA is a very special federation because it stands for tradition, for a lot of history and for living and breathing the game day in and day out. It stands for being correct and honest and trying to always give it credibility."

The striker enjoyed two spells in England with Tottenham Hotspur in the 1990s, though he admitted that he had to work hard to win supporters over given the rivalry between England and Germany, and his reputation for diving.

Klinsmann added: "For me, as a German, it was not easy. But after the beginning, when there were some sceptics, you can win people over with what you are doing.

"You work as hard as you can and as a striker, you try to score goals and once you've shown them your qualities, the people in England will accept and respect you.

"In the end, my experience of playing in England was a wonderful, positive one."