Lord Ouseley: Football games should be stopped when racism occurs

The Kick it Out chairman who has hit out at the Football Association recently, causing him to leave his post with the governing body, wants clubs to control abuse better
The chairman of the Kick it Out campaign, Lord Herman Ouseley, has called for football matches to be stopped when racism is evident.

After a turbulent couple of years for the sport involving racism, Ouseley thinks that clubs are not doing enough to help combat the problem and has demanded that "decisive action" be taken by the Football Association.

He told BBC Radio 4: “They’re not putting that issue [racism] at the forefront where they’re seeking to influence opinion and attitude amongst their fans and the wider community.

“That’s why some people are prepared to go and behave badly, continue with the nasty and violent chanting, in spite of some of the mealy-mouth appeals that it should stop.

“They’re not taking decisive action which would root it out and they should say clearly to people you’re not welcome, we don’t want you back here, don’t come back and if necessary, games should be stopped and sections of the crowd who are behaving badly should be shown the door.

The Kick it Out chairman is stepping down from his role within the FA since he has come out and publicly criticised them over their work, but admits progress has been made over the years, but not enough.

He added: “I am [resigning] because my position has become untenable the moment you go public with your criticism when you’ve been trying to negotiate change in the way I’ve been in the last year or so.

“A lot of progress has been made in the past decade by the FA, what were worried about is that there is a complacency that has been creeping in for quite some time.

“What has happened in the last 14 months is the FA allowing its own processes to be undermined in the way it has handled the Terry and Suarez cases, which has resulted in a loss of confidence from black players."