Ashley Williams may not shake Suarez's hand, admits Laudrup

The Swansea defender claimed he wanted to knock the Uruguayan out after facing him last season, but the Dane is confident that his defender will keep his cool on Sunday
Michael Laudrup has admitted Swansea defender Ashley Williams may not shake Luis Suarez's hand before their match with Liverpool on Sunday.

In his recently-released book, the Welshman admitted he wanted to knock the striker out after facing him last season, due to the Uruguayan's diving.

The Dane has not discussed the matter with his defender, and is confident that it will not result in Williams losing his cool on the pitch.
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Laudrup told reporters: “I really don’t know. Fair play is important for me, but again if two persons do not want to shake hands then I don’t know.

“I haven’t spoken to Ashley about what he said in the book but I know him well enough and he’ll be focused on the game, whatever was said.

“He will play by the book on Sunday. I don’t think he will lose his head because he won’t be sending any Christmas cards to Suarez.

“But it’s nothing that will bother my sleep at night.

“What is important for me is that I know I’ve got a player who I’m 100 per cent confident that he will do a great job, even if he plays against a player he doesn’t like because of certain things.”