FA hits back at claims they are 'institutionally racist'

The FA chairman branded suggestions that they "covered-up" alleged racial abuse and are unfit to tackle the issue as "ill-informed and unhelpful" to the cause
David Bernstein, chairman of the FA, has slammed comments made by the Society of Black Lawyers accusing football's governing body of sweeping racism issues under the carpet.

Following the police investigation into alleged racial slurs made by referee Mark Clattenburg being dropped due to no victims coming forward, the society's chief, Peter Herbert, told the BBC of his belief that a "cover-up" was apparent.

Herbert went on to express his anger at the FA for not passing Chelsea's complaint onto the Metropolitan Police, while he said the body "does not have the tools to investigate race-hate crime".

However, the FA have reiterated their own commitment to combating racism in football, while they believe the verbal attacks from the SBL are both untrue and damaging to the larger fight against the issue.

Bernstein told reporters: "These ill-informed and unhelpful remarks are at odds with the progressive and responsible approach being followed by the game with the support of Government to deal with these serious issues."

Chelsea have indicated that they informed the FA as they believed them to be the appropriate body to deal with the case.

Their decision on whether to charge Clattenburg, who has been suspended from refereeing during the ongoing investigation, is expected by the end of the week.