New FTF president Wadii Jarii hopes to bring back fans to Tunisian stadiums

Newly elected Tunisian FA president Waddi Jarii says that he is determined to work with the ministry of interior to allow for a partial return of fans to league matches

Speaking to the press after being elected to head the Tunisian Football Federation (FTF) on Saturday, Wadii Jarii said that one of the new Federal Bureau’s top priorities is to negotiate the partial return of football fans to domestic league matches.

“We’re going to send a letter to the overseeing authority and the ministry of interior in which we’ll inquire about bringing back fans with certain guarantees and procedures like identity cards, subscriptions, or only allowing stadiums to fill to 25 percent of their capacity,” he explained.

Jarii also proposed barring minors from attending matches unaccompanied as an option but was primarily intent on clarifying that ultimately the decision did not lie with the FTF and that the ministry of interior would have the final call on the matter.

“Evaluating the security situation has never been a responsibility of the Federal Bureau. From now on we need to be clear about that. Other parties need to say that the current situation doesn’t allow for fan attendance at football matches, if that’s that case,” he added.

Aside for the frustration of supporters who have been unable to watch their favourite teams play, Tunisian clubs have also suffered financially since the implementation of a fan ban in all domestic football competitions for fear of seeing a fatal Port Said-style incident occurring in the north African country.