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Advertorial: Have Franz Beckenbauer’s team of assembled superstars met their match? Find out by watching Part One of the incredible #winnertakesearth challenge

The talking is over, the action begins. Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and the rest of the GALAXY 11 blast off to a neutral venue deep in outer space to do what they do best.

Representing the Earth, their football skills are pushed to the limit against supremely athletic and fiercely competitive opponents.

The game starts at a frenetic pace with goalkeeper Iker Casillas called into action early on amid a torrent of ruthless counter-attacking.

But it's not long before Messi and Ronaldo showcase their brilliance at the other end, fully justifying coach Franz Beckenbauer's selection decisions.

With the stakes so high, football simply does not get much more intense than this as you can see by viewing this remarkable video.

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