Persema Malang players threaten to sue club over unpaid wages

The Malang-based club's players have threatened to sue the club to Fifa over money owed to them since four months ago
Players from Indonesian Premier League's (IPL) side Persema Malang have revealed their frustration with the club's management by threatening to sue them over unpaid wages.

Laskar Ken Arok players have alleged that their wages have not been paid in full for the past four months.

Captain Bima Sakti said in a statement there was no other solution than submitting a lawsuit against the club to Fifa as a form of their counterwork.

"We expect management to pay off the rights to the players before we send a compilation of letters to Fifa," he explained in the statement.

However, Bima also said that he will seek advice from the Association of Indonesian Professional Footballers (APPI) regarding the issue.

"We want to understand how the legal process is. After all clear, we will send an official letter to FIFA," he said.

Persema are currently third in the 2011-12 IPL season, having played 21 matches.

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