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Louis Nicollin expressed in no uncertain ways his wish that his side manage to get a hold of the French Ligue 1 trophy before the expected hegemony of PSG kicks in.

Louis Nicollin believes his Montpellier side must make the most of the three-point cushion they enjoy atop Ligue 1 before Paris Saint-Germain start imposing their expected dominance on French football.

The flamboyant president conceded to RMC: "Montpellier cannot miss the opportunity that has arisen because as soon as next season PSG will begin their reign. We won't be hearing the end of it for at least seven years."

Nicollin also came out to assess his rivals' attacking potency in another frank outburst : "[Javier] Pastore and Nene? Menez has three of these guys in each leg. How good he is! If only he could come to Montpellier, I think I would give him a good wage. It's not the other two who are good, it's him."

The 68-year-old, who has owned the Ligue 1 side since 1974, has never been so close to winning France's foremost trophy. Accompanying his team away to Rennes against his traditional stay-at-home habit, he hinted at the miracle it would represent to him if they could win the league.

"That would really be something, wouldn't it?" he mused. "We shouldn't make fun of our rivals though. I respect PSG, I respect Lille, and Lyon too. But it would really be beautiful for this club that has seen it all. We started in the lowest regional amateur league. If it does not happen, we won't weep."

Montpellier have never previously won a Ligue 1 title, although they have claimed two Coupe de France titles, the latest of which came in 1990.