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The Super Falcons handler dreams of winning the 2016 best coach award in Africa at in a bid to increase the value of women coaches in Africa

Nigeria's women coach Florence Omagbemi has expressed delight over her nomination for the 2016 Caf Coach of the Year award, and dreams winning to inspire women coaches in Africa.

The ex-international turned tactician led the Super Falcons to win their eighth African Women's Cup of Nations title in Cameroon against all odds.

"It will be an addition honour to me to win the Caf coach of the year award," Omagbemi told Goal.

"Not for only me, it will also be for my colleagues in Africa.  That's the female coaches all over, this will be a big opportunity for upcoming coaches and a couple of ex-players who are aspiring to be coaches someday.

"Just like in Africa, we are trying to create the impression that there are good female coaches who can do the job. It is like one is trying to pave way for others, not only in Nigeria but in Africa. It will be like an open door and inspiration to others.

"This is not going to be my own joy alone but for others to believe in themselves and the confidence other Federations will have in them to manage the teams very well especially in Africa."

"It is an honour getting nominated for the coach of the year award for Africa. Just less than one year in charge of the national team and being able to win the eighth edition of the Africa women's Cup of Nations," she continued.

"And being put in this position with top coaches on the list, It is an honour and a privilege. I want to give God the glory for this achievement.

"A winner is always a winner. Even during my playing with the Super Falcons, I don't give up easily in any situation I found myself.  I always tried to make the best out of it.

"Been in that position as a coach you have to translate that into the mind of the players.  And definitely, If you want to achieve something great - It is not going to come easily. 

"With that, I understood with the short time frame we had to prepare was only less than a month and had a couple of players who were only reporting to camp a week to the tournament."

She added: "And even when we came to camp, we were struggling with the release of players both for the home based and foreign players.

"We had less than a week to prepare and with the shortcoming of the team before we took over. They were not in good shape after failing to qualify for the Olympics in Rio and doing poorly at the All African Games.

"Same time, I'm not blaming anyone for those problems but we you pick up a team in such shape with the Federation struggling with finances trying to get our preparations sorted out.

"It is just that we don't have a stable environment to prepare well. I want to give glory to God and the efforts of the technical crew and the players.

"For me, I believe it is hard work and the mindset. When you have the passion for the game and want to succeed even with all these shortcomings. 

"I happy for me and the group that we were able to record this achievement in reward for our great efforts."