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Premier League

  • August 16, 2014
  • • 15:00
  • • King Power Stadium, Leicester, Leicestershire
  • Referee: M. Jones
  • • Attendance: 31603

Live Commentary

  • Roberto Martinez may well feel like this draw is more of a loss, with his side conceding their first less than two minutes after breaking the deadlock and allowing a late equalizer in the second half. A point for Leicester is certainly something they'll take at this stage, with Chelsea and Arsenal coming within their next two matches. Everton also face those two teams, in the next two weeks, in consecutive home matches. Thank you for joining us here!
  • 90' + 4'
    And that's full-time! Once again, a match between Leicester and Everton ends in a draw, with both sides firing twice and Everton twice failing to hang onto their lead! It ends 2-2 here!
  • 90' + 3'
    A minute left here and Leicester are content to keep the ball higher in the midfield and force it out of bounds when they can. One more minute for Everton to try and make something here...
  • 90' + 2'
    Mirallas has the ball in the box but can't find a way through! Baines whips the ball in twice and finds Lukaku's head on the second bite but the angle is difficult and his header goes over!
  • 90' + 1'
    Into the first of four minutes now and Everton are entrenched in the home side's half. Stones plays a poor ball into the middle but Everton recover before Hammond blocks Mirallas' shot from outside the box!
  • 90'
    MOORE DENIES NAISMITH FROM GETTING THE BALL! Everton had worked their way down the flank with Lukaku and across the box with Mirallas and it takes a vital touch from the centre-back to keep the ball away from the net!
  • 89'
    For a brief second it seems as though Mirallas has scored from the corner but he instead drove the ball direectly into the side netting! That's a very poor delivery at a time Everton really need much more.
  • 88'
    Not surprisingly, Everton are playing like they have something to prove now. Mirallas wins a late corner here...
  • 87'
    That goal will come as a harsh blow for Everton, who were less than five minutes plus injury time from a victory, but they have dropped a level or two this half and have paid dearly for their inability to maintain possession!
  • 86'
    Goal Chris Wood
    GGOOOALLLLL LEICESTER!!! The home side's incessant pressing pays off as Everton lose the ball deep in their own half. It's a series of deflections and blocks that sees the ball fall to Wood who's all alone and able to slot the ball past Tim Howard to the far post!
  • 85'
    SubstitutionAiden McGeady Seamus Coleman
    The ball falls to Mirallas, who came on for Pienaar a few minutes ago, before another foul is suffered by the home side. McGeady comes off for Coleman before the goal-kick is taken as Everton use another substitute.
  • 83'
    Jagielka is not seriously injured, it seems, and comes back on after a quick sideline evaluation. Howard takes his goal-kick up the pitch and Hammond catches Naismith with his elbow as both go up to get it. Free-kick Everton.
  • 81'
    SubstitutionSteven Pienaar Kevin Mirallas
  • 81'
    Ouch! Wood tries a looping high kick to shoot from that free-kick but ends up knocking Jagielka directly in the face instead of hitting the ball.
  • 80'
    A half chance for Everton now as Lukaku crosses to McGeady but the home side's defence clears the ball. To prevent the counter, Barry commits another foul; the home side wants him to receive a second booking but the referee decides to just award a free kick. Barry certainly got away with one there!
  • 79'
    Wood nearly finds himself immediately in a position to score! Schlupp capitalizes on McGeady losing possession to get the ball to the other home side substitute, but Wood has his back to goal and is unable to spin and shoot before Distin can clear.
  • 78'
    SubstitutionLeonardo Ulloa Chris Wood
    Hammond fouls Naismith and a free-kick is awarded to Everton. Before they can, Ulloa is subbed off for Chris Wood, and the visitors play it short.
  • 76'
    Mahrez goes down just outside the box but the referee waves away his claims for a free-kick! The visitors race down the pitch and play it into the box but Moore is able to clear.
  • 75'
    Everton take the ball deep into the top right part of the pitch, before doubling back and working it down the left. They find no joy there and go back again, clearly not in a rush to lose possession and in no hurry to race forward.
  • 74'
    Mahrez takes it too deep as the ball floats over everyone and out of play harmlessly. With time ticking away, a chance like that is one that the home side surely need to take better advantage of!
  • 73'
    Great team move from Leicester that Everton answer with a foul. The home side have a free kick in a superb position, roughly eight yards in front of Everton's box. Mahrez takes it, kicking it into the wall and out for a corner.
  • 72'
    Another very sloppy touch from Lukaku, who chests the ball from the ensuing free-kick down to no one in particular as Leicester are able to clear.
  • 71'
    Yellow Card Liam Moore
    Little more than 20 minutes to go here and Leicester have not yet found a way to answer Everton's second goal. Schlupp wasted their best chance of the half but they're unable to break down this Everton defence again, as Jagielka clears the ball forward for Lukaku, who gets fouled by Moore and wins a free kick.
  • 68'
    Yellow Card Gareth Barry
    Barry is shown a yellow for impeding play on the counter - a warning he knowingly accepts without complaint.
  • 67'
    There's some very scrappy play going on in the midfield that ends with Everton winning a free-kick just above the halfwa line. Naismith tries a delicate ball through the defense to Lukaku but he'll have to do better to get past Morgan.
  • 65'
    Oh and what a chance gone begging! Stones is found completely out of position as Schlupp races onto a through ball all alone, but the Leicester forward absolutely skies his shot!!!
  • 64'
    SubstitutionAnthony Knockaert Jeff Schlupp
    Pearson makes a change to his side as McCarthy is being evaluated, sending on Schlupp for Knockaert, who's had a very good match. McCarthy goes off injured as play resumes, leaving Everton temporarily down to 10 men before he comes back on limping slightly.
  • 62'
    McCarthy is down injured holding his leg and the ball is played out of bounds so he can recieve medical treatment. He may have just overextended his leg going for the ball, and Martinez looks on worryingly as he's evaluated.
  • 60'
    Some debate going on as Konchesky went in two-footed on McGeady in the tackle; it looked like he got the ball cleanly but the Everton man is not happy with the challenge!
  • 59'
    A SUPER TACKLE FROM JAGIELKA! He missed the intial pass to Nugent completely, and the forward looked to be clear through on goal, but the Everton defender made a fantastic run to catch up and a tackle to disposses the forward!
  • 58'
    Leicester has Everton pegged back as the ball is played wide to the left, and a cross whipped in towards Knockaert; the midfielder connects with the pass but heads it well wide, to his own disbelief!
  • 57'
    Much better from Everton now, who work the ball delightfully around the box before Naismith is unable to connect with a pass just outside of the area. McGeady was instrumental in the exchange here and has been very influential during the match.
  • 56'
    Everton are looking nervy. The momentum here may just be starting to shift towards the home side who continue to press forward for a goal, but the visitors are far from having lost the plot completely, as they play the ball around the back before a high pass to Lukaku.
  • 54'
    A tumping header brought this game suddenly to life! Ulloa wrapped his head around a fantastic ball played in front of Jagielka that went whiskers wide!!
  • 53'
    Neither side is really able to keep the ball at the moment. The first half's verve has gone out of the game somewhat, with many tentative passes so far early in this half.
  • 51'
    Barry concedes a free-kick now as the right side of the pitch is causing issues for both team's defence. Leicester also play it short, looking to then change the side of the field but pass it right out of bounds!
  • 49'
    McCarthy is taken down by Nugent on the flank; Everton have a free-kick in Leicester's half. It's played short and back, and a misplaced pass lets the home side clear.
  • 48'
    Good play from the home side. The team work their way patiently down the flank before Knockaert whips the ball across the goal for Howard to collect.
  • 47'
    Nearly, very nearly! The free kick is swung in deep from Knockaert, and Moore's diving header nearly connected with it before Barry could clear it away.
  • 46'
    And we have kick-off here for the second half! Leicester begin with the ball and unsurprisingly begin with a long ball over Jagielka that ends with the centre-back conceding a free-kick. Everton's defensive issues are rearing there head just moments into this half!
  • For the second half, both sides will look to continue to exploit these weaknesses. The home side need to be more clever up front to expose a hesitant defence, and the visitors will almost certainly look to use Baines as a roving outlet. Join us again in 15 minutes for the start of the second half!
  • So far, the match has been fairly even in many aspects, but both sides have shown a weakness that can be exploited; Everton are having great joy down the left when Baines and Pienaar link up, and Leicester look like they can do serious damage when balls are played up over the visitors' centre-backs.
  • 45' + 2'
    And that's the half! It's been a very lively and engaging affair at the King Power Stadium, with Everton and Leicester trading goals from corners mere minutes apart before Naismith's powerful shot restored the visitors' lead.
  • 45'
    Assist Steven Pienaar
  • 45'
    Goal Steven Naismith
    GOOOALLLL EVERTON! And the visitors are back in front! Pienaar brilliantly plays a backpass to Baines, who returns the pass to the South African. Though he's falling, he manages to square it to Naismith in the box who absolutely HAMMERS a shot off the underside of the crossbar!!!
  • 44'
    Leicester's turn now to make themselves known, and some solid play down the right looks like it may trouble Stones initially, but the Everton defence regains composition to clear the ball forward. The home side will have to be more creative to penetrate there.
  • 42'
    Naismith drills a shot wide of the near post from just outside the box. His effort was not far wide but was taken quickly as the defenders closed in on him, and failed to trouble Schmeichel at all.
  • 41'
    The visitors look to stretch the width of the pitch as they struggle to play the ball out of the back. Leicester's pressing is forcing them to play wide passes backwards and Martinez's men must figure out another way to reassert their control on the match.
  • 39'
    SubstitutionDaniel Drinkwater Dean Hammond
    The first substitution of the match occurs as Drinkwater looks unable to continue and Hammond is coming on to take his place, something that may worry Nigel Pearson greatly.
  • 38'
    Over the bar! McGeady finishes off a great buildup very poorly, firing high over the bar after great exchange between Lukaku and Baines. Pienaar has also been very lively up front this half.
  • 37'
    Nearly a chance here, as Naismith slots the ball through to Pienaar but the pass is controlled poorly and knocked out.
  • 36'
    The referee is warning King to not kick the ball away in frustration after he blows the whistle, as has just occurred. Everton are keeping the ball around the back and attempting to break forward quickly down the wings.
  • 34'
    The corner is easily headed out at first but played wide to Baines, who's cross off of De Laet goes out for another corner. This time it's played closer to the near post and in the following play, McGeady's shot, a winding kick from a run-up into the box, is blocked by Morgan!
  • 33'
    Everton work the ball down the right for one of the few times this match. McGeady crosses it towards Lukaku but Moore is able to head it out for a corner just before the Belgian can glance it into the net!
  • 32'
    Incredibly sloppy pass from Ulloa, who can't find Knockaert not many yards away from him, and the latter makes his anger known to his teammate.
  • 31'
    Baines is furiously calling for a penalty as he goes down in the box! Knockaert may have just clipped the full-back from behind but the referee isn't buying it at all and no call is made.
  • 30'
    Balls played over the top are proving to be a huge cause for concern for Everton's centre-backs; Jagielka barely manages to head the ball to Howard before the lurking Nugent can get onto it!
  • 28'
    Kncokaert decides to rip an ambitious effort from a long ways from Howard's net, but his shot doesn't go over the bar by very much. Both sides feel there are more goals to come here and aren't afraid to shoot!
  • 27'
    McGeady passes the ball to Lukaku, who's wide left of Schmeichel's net. The Belgian takes a quick turn and a shot that fail to trouble the goalkeeper. The chances are coming quickly for Everton!
  • 26'
    Another corner from Everton is finally cleared after several headers back and forth, and Leicester think they have something on the counter before Jagielka and Stones mop up the mess and get the ball back to the visitors.
  • 25'
    Awful from Knockaert, losing the ball deep in Everton's half. The visitors counter quickly and Naismith's shot begets a corner.
  • 24'
    Nearly a second from Everton as this match has exploded into life! Barry keeps the play alive and Baines tries to square the ball to Lukaku, but ends up just running over the line.
  • 22'
    Goal Leonardo Ulloa
  • 20'
    Goal Aiden McGeady
    WHAT A GOALLLL!!! McGeady opens the scoring with a sizzling shot into the top corner! That'll be controversial, though - the corner that lead to the goal was arguably a goal-kick as Pienaar looked to have walked out of bounds with the ball, but Leicester are unable to clear and Schmeichel's initial save falls wide to McGeady who curls it in beautifully!
  • 19'
    Better from Pienaar, who nearly picks out Naismith running deep in the box. Everton have tried a variety of approaches so far - crosses from wide, balls through the middle, hits up to Lukaku - but haven't been able to convert the passes into shots.
  • 18'
    Not much Lukaku could've done there, after Pienaar plays a very poor pass far too deep into the heart of Leicester's defence. As Schmeichel plays the goal-kick forward, Jagielka and Howard have some communication issues but the goalkeeper snags the ball before anything could happen.
  • 16'
    Ohhhh a scrambling touch from Tim Howard keeps that ball from staying in a dangerous area! The ensuing corner lands to centre-back Morgan and his shot goes wide of the near post!
  • 15'
    Knockaert does immensely well to keep the ball deep in Everton's half, and on a soft challenge from Baines, manages to win a free kick. The full-back is in disbelief and the magic spray makes its first appearance of the match!
  • 13'
    A solid team move from Everton, beginning on the left and drifting over to the right, nearly leads to a chance before Lukaku loses the ball in the box following a heavy touch.
  • 12'
    Nugent charges forward, laying the ball off for Mahrez, who lines up a shot... an it takes a very good sliding challenge from Baines to prevent that from becoming anything! This may be Leicester's first top flight game in a decade but they're playing without any fear or shackles.
  • 11'
    Banes is the man of the moment, following up a cross with a run towards the goal that's crossed to Pienaar. The latter hesitates before playing it off for McGeady, whose tentative shot is easily collected by Schmeichel. A poor decision from Pienaar, who really should have shot the ball himself!
  • 10'
    And that's better from Everton! Some slick passing on the right causes problems for Leicester's defense, and Naismith races down the line to cut the ball across for Lukaku, which Moore clears. The game is livening up now with both sides getting to the box increasingly often.
  • 8'
    Drinkwater intercepts from Barry as the centre of the park is becoming increasingly suggested. Lukaku's physical presence up top might become more and more of a target for long passes if Leicester continue to frustrate Everton in the midfield.
  • 6'
    Knockaert takes a shot from a long ways out on the left, which is lofted on target and collected by Howard. Distin is able to tke advantage of the opportunity to play a sweeping ball up top for Lukaku. The Belgian loses out, however, as the ball continues to be knocked back and forth rather quickly.
  • 5'
    Everton have unsurprisingly held the majority of possession so far, pressing quickly to win the ball back as Martinez so often demands of his side. Lukaku tries to slip the ball forward for Naismith but Morgan is all too easily able to knock it away.
  • 3'
    Ulloa challenges Baines on a throw in, conceding a free kick to Everton which is taken quickly. The visitors are taking a measured approach to buildup, but early on here, neither side has really found a footing in the midfield.
  • 1'
    We have kick-off! The visitors, in white, start their 2014-2015 campaign looking to draw Leicester forward and create space in the midfield. Baines charges down the flank but loses possession, with neither side eager to concede much ground early on here.
  • All eyes here will be on the record striking signings that are starting; striker Leonardo Ulloa cost 8m for the home team following a fantastic spell at Brighton, while Lukaku certainly needs no introduction to the Everton faithful. How each striker can do against a defence marred by injuries may well be the decisive factor.
  • Everton: Howard, Baines, Jagielka, McGeady, Lukaku, Naismith, Distin, McCarthy, Barry, Pienaar, Stones. Everton subs: Robles, Mirallas, Besic, Atsu, Osman, Coleman, Alcaraz.
  • Leicester: Schmeichel, De Laet, Morgan, Moore, Konchesky, Knockaert, Drinkwater, King, Mahrez, Ulloa, Nugent Leicester subs: Subs: Hamer, Hammond, Schlupp, Hopper, Taylor-Fletcher, Wasilewski, Wood
  • Neither side is particularly good at getting off to winning starts in the league. Leicester City have not won any of their last five opening matches, with three draws and two defeats, and the visitors today have only won three of their last eleven attempts on day one. Both sides are missing vital players, as well, with James Vardy and Marc Albrighton out for the Nigel Pearson's side with injuries and Martinez opting to bench Seamus Coleman and Kevin Mirallas as they struggle with fitness, but Romelu Lukaku will make his first appearance as a permanent fixture following a very successful loan spell last season.
  • The two team’s pre-seasons could not have been more difference, with Leicester going unbeaten and Everton failing to win any of their five friendlies, including a loss to Leicester themselves. Both sides certainly had banner years last season, however. The home side won the Championside with a club record 102 points and Everton surprised many in Roberto Martinez’s first season, with the third best defensive record helping them finish sixth in the Premier League.
  • Hello and welcome to our live coverage of Leicester vs Everton! The Barclay’s Premier League is officially back this weekend and the home side are playing their first top-flight match in a decade. The precedence here has historically tended to a draw, with all of the last four clashes in Leicester ending with each side gaining a point each, but both sides will be rearing to begin the season with victories here.