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The Addis Diary
Follow Goal's coverage of the 2014 Fifa World Cup qualifying match between Ethiopia and Nigeria with chief editor Lolade Adewuyi in Addis Ababa

12:26 WAT


My article Ethiopia coach Bishaw on cusp of football history can be found through this link. In the past two hours, I have been asked by officials of the Intercontinental Addis to leave the hotel due to my being a Nigerian journalist, that I'm making the Ethiopian national team uncomfortable. I have refused both requests. I will now head out to watch the Antelopes train at the National Stadium.

09:19 WAT


Press conference now ended. Bishaw hopes to win here in Addis Ababa and then take the game to Calabar. It sure is shaping up to be a big game afterall. Send me your questions via @jololade and I will try to respond. 

09:12 WAT


Bishaw now speaking in English: We respecct Nigeria but the game will be decided in 90 minutes on the pitch on Sunday. All your preparations will be put to the test. 

08:53 WAT


I sense that Sewnet Bishaw is under a lot of pressure from his countrymen and his tone of response in this press conference has clearly shown it. High pitched, tense talk coming from him in Amharic. Local journalists taking a hiding I guess. There's occasional laughter from the press corps, though. 

08:25 WAT


I've been chasing coach Bishaw for an interview since I arrived the hotel last night. He's now agreed to speak to foreign media after this morning's press conference. At the moment he's addressing the room in Amharic.

08:11 WAT


The Ethiopian Football Fedderation and coach Sewnet Bishaw are set to address a press conference this morning. I'll be tweeting, follow my updates via @jololade

08:05 WAT


It's shaping up to be a beautiful day here in Addis. I've met a couple of jornalists from Uganda and Ethiopia who are looking forward to the big game. I dare say it is the biggest match in Ethiopian football history. At the Intercontinental Hotel lobby is a large bouquet of flowers designed in the Ethiopian and Brazilian flags wishing the Antelopes victory. Its singular message: WIN. Here's a photo.

00:03 WAT


Arrived in chilly Addis Ababa at 9pm local time (7pm in Lagos) on Thursday evening. The Ethiopian Airlines flight ET900 was 15 minutes behind schedule as we touched down safely at the Bole International Airport. Ethiopians are definitely looking forward to Sunday's game from the impression I got among the locals I spoke to. Unfortunately, there's not much to read about in the main local English language newspapers about the match. Stepping out of the airport and into the city courtesy of the Intercontinental Addis shuttle, it was nice to finally see the famous city of Addis Ababa for the first time. Lo and behold, as I checked into the hotel, what I saw was the entire Ethiopian national team seated in comfy sofas relaxing around the reception. So I walked over to coach Sewnet Bishaw to say hello. Nice to see him after his last Afcon press conference in Rustenburg. Will keep you posted.

06:39 WAT


Hello guys, 

I will bring you all the details about this important World Cup qualifier live from Addis Ababa.  You will have the opportunity to ask questions and I will endeavour to post responses accordingly. 

Follow my journey to East Africa.