‘The power is unbelievable’ - Watch Henry, Fabregas and Reus test PUMA’s new evoPower

VIDEO: PUMA release stunning footage of three superstars of world football testing their new evoPOWER boot. Stay tuned for a surprise guest at the end
PUMA revealed their new evoPOWER boot to the world of football on January 17 along with a spectacular new video showing some of the game’s biggest stars involved in the testing process.

Filmed at secret testing centres in Barcelona and Dortmund, Cesc Fabregas and Marco Reus take shots wearing the new footwear - with extraordinary results.

Former Arsenal and Barcelona striker Thierry Henry, meanwhile, is provided with unique insight into the technology behind the boots from a PUMA expert.

“Control and accuracy, with that power, is unmatched,” the technician tells Henry.

“The power, it’s unbelievable,” replies the Frenchman. Asked whether the game is ready for evoPOWER, Henry adds: “I believe so. Let's put the boots to the final test.“

Click the video at the top of the page to watch the full film.

For more information about PUMA visit: https://www.puma.com/footballclub/global/en-my/bootlab/evopower