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Goal picks the Carlsberg EPL player after a pulsating gameweek of football action. For the second time it's Liverpool forward Luis Suarez, who once again bullied Norwich


Luis Suarez

Minutes Played 90
Assists 1
Goals 4
Passes (% accurate) 30 /45 (66%)
Chances Created 4
Shots (on target) 7 (6)
Dribbles 4
Tackles 1
Match Report

So far this season I have tried to award the Carlsberg EPL player of the week award to a different player each gameweek, but sometimes a player puts in such an impressive performance that there is no other choice but to christen him the player of the week once again.  In Week 14 that player was the irrepressible Luis Suarez who put in the attacking display of the season so far, unsurprisingly against Norwich City, a team he seems to victimise on a regular basis.

After his four goals on Thursday morning, it means he has now scored 11 goals in his last four matches versus the hapless Canaries.  So why does Suarez seem to have such a stranglehold over Norwich whenever he plays them?  Well for a start, whichever Norwich central defensive pairing he faces is often too slow and ponderous to cope with the movement of the Uruguayan.  This time out it was Sébastien Bassong and Ryan Bennett, and they were simply not dynamic enough to cope with the lateral movement of Suarez.  Added to that, Norwich frequently fail to employ an effective deep lying midfield player who can help out their defenders, this time around if that job was meant to belong to Leroy Fer then he failed catastrophically with a dreadful performance.

But let’s take nothing away from Suarez, yes it was Fer’s misjudgement of a bouncing ball which allowed him to pick up the ball from 40 yards out on the 15th minute mark, but what the forward did next was pure magic.  Spotting Norwich goalkeeper John Ruddy off his line, he then lobbed the ball over him with a stunning dipping half-volley in what was arguably the goal of the season so far.

You’d think he would have a hard time in topping that goal, but try he did.  His second goal was arguably the least impressive of his four, but that too displayed some tremendous movement and finishing.  Again Norwich’s defending was wretched as they allowed Philippe Coutinho’s low corner to make its way across the goalmouth, but the run to the near post and controlled finish by Suarez was the proof of a striker at the peak of his power and confidence.

His third goal of the evening, which confirmed his first-half hat-trick, was arguably the finest goal of the night.  Dropping deep to pick up the ball, he nonchalantly flicked the ball over Fer’s head, faded like he was going to shoot to freeze Bennett, and then rifled another half-volley into the corner of the net.  His reaction, hands clasped to his cheeks with a wide grin stretched across his face, told the story of a player who couldn’t quite believe his own brilliance.  Amazingly he still had time for a splendid free-kick up and over the wall in the 74th minute, before he became provider for Raheem Sterling to get in on the act in the final minutes of the game.

Looking at how Suarez has continued his form this season, there is no doubt that the £40m (RM210m) valuation that Arsenal had on him back in August is not nearly high enough.  At 26 years old and in the prime of his career, Suarez is surely one of the finest players in the world, and in my opinion a superior player to £80m (RM420m) pound man Gareth Bale.  Liverpool will hope that he can fire them to the Champions League, as surely Surez will be playing in that competition next year, even if the Reds are not!