Gun found during Malaysia Cup final

The police discovered a loaded firearm at the Shah Alam Stadium last Sunday during the 2013 Malaysia Cup final and are investigating.

A loaded gun was found in a toilet at the Shah Alam Stadium during the 2013 Malaysia Cup final last Sunday.

A policeman on duty during the game between Kelantan and Pahang found the weapon in the toilet when he was relieving himself, The Star reported.

The Deputy police chief DSP Ruslan Abdullah has informed the public that they are doing their utmost to identify the owner as well as their motive for bringing the gun into the stadium.

He told Bernama: “We cannot provide any detail because the case is under investigation.”

On top of the discovery of the firearm, the police arrested 86 fans for using fake tickets to enter the stadium.

However, all of them have been released on bail.

“We also detained five individuals for offences like lighting flares, firecrackers and hurling bottles,” DSP Ruslan added.

“These actions not only endangered themselves but also other spectators including children in the stadium.”

At the end of the 90 minutes, which saw Pahang lift the Malaysia Cup trophy after a 21-year drought, the police were pleased to report that no major incidents took place at the Shah Alam Stadium that night.