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Kelantan's Shakir Shaari has urged his midfield partners to control and outclass Pahang's midfielders in order to help Dickson Nwakaeme score goals.

Kelantan midfielder Shakir Shaari believes that the strength of the midfield can help influence the game between Kelantan and Pahang in the 2013 Malaysia Cup final this Sunday.

Shakir said that the attackers from both teams are relying on the midfielders to break the defensive line, so that they can score goals for their respective sides.

Speaking to Sinar Harian, Shakir said: "Our midfield must switch on all the time.

"We have to win the battle in midfield and if we can do that, I believe we can break Pahang’s defensive line easily.

"Those who control the midfield will control the game, and Dickson can’t attack alone, it is our job to help him."

The national midfielder also urged his teammates to work hard in midfield in order to outclass their opposite numbers, and he warns them about Amirulhadi Zainal.

"Everybody is talking about Matias Conti, Alex (Azamuddin Akil) and R.Gopinathan and how dangerous they are," Shakir added.

"We must not forget Amirulhadi Zainal as he is really good and can be the silent killer for Pahang."

Shakir also said that Kelantan feel no pressure ahead of the clash as they have a lot of experience playing in the final compared to Pahang.