Key Battles: Kedah vs JDT

Six players will most likely decide the outcome of Tuesday's return leg fixture of the quarter final match between the Canaries and the Southern Tigers

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The centreback needs to play a dual-role this Tuesday, to stem the flow of the visitors' attacks and also to help score goals in order to overcome their two-goal deficit. JDT have proven, against Selangor on Saturday, that even without Pablo Aimar, they are lethal upfront so the Canaries need to be extra tight at the back. Keon has also gotten on the scoresheet a number of times this season, and this means he will need to help his team find the net, too.

The 33-year old national forward has not shown signs of slowing down this season, and he has proven that he is a key player in  César Ferrando Jiménez's set up, even outshining players who have been with the southern outfit longer. He will need to find another goal in this return fixture for JDT to provide them a comfortable lead.

The battle in the middle of the park will surely be rested on the shoulders of Aimar for the visitors, so the home side will need to avoid that part of the pitch when attacking. This is where Khyril will come in for the Canaries, because taking on a former Argentina World Cup player head on will most definitely spell defeat for any Malaysian midfielder. Khyril needs to stick to his strengths; the flanks, and help his team from where he is able to do the most damage.

Not much else can be said about the 34-year old midfielder, that the whole world has not already known. Even though age has caught up with him, he is more than capable of performing at the level of Malaysian football, as proven by his wonderful strike against Pahang two weeks ago; the deftest of touch from outside the box to sink it in at the top corner. He does not need to alter his game much on Tuesday night, he only to provide quality passes to his striker; Luciano Figueroa, and be alert of chances that he can convert himself.

The former St. Mirren striker has scored four goals in the Premier League this season, and on Tuesday he needs to turn it on again for Kedah, as they are trailing JDT by two goals. He needs to keep in mind that JDT defence had been quite porous up until the Selangor fixture, and that is something that he and his teammates should take advantage of.

The Singaporean centreback is currently on form, after notching a goal for himself in their trouncing of Selangor last weekend. But against Kedah, he needs to concentrate on his defending duties, as they are already leading by two goals, and any lapses at the back means the home side are back in the game. They have an international level midfielder, but the same cannot be said about any of their defenders.