Man of the Match: Selangor 0-1 Sarawak

Gabor Gyepes was rock solid for the Crocs as they claimed an unprecedented victory over Selangor to dump them out of the FA Cup

Gabor Gyepes
Selangor 0-1 Sarawak
Minutes Played 90
Match Report

Sarawak visibly went into the game as underdogs and they knew they would have a hard task of keeping the in-form Paulo Rangel at bay.

But that is precisely what Gabor Gyepes did with an emphatic performance at the heart of Sarawak's defence.

Under blistering heat conditions, Gyepes led Sarawak's defence by example, closing down every single Selangor attack and nullifying the threat posed by Rangel, especially in the air.

When Sarawak took the lead, it was pretty evident that the home side were now going to alter their gameplan and directly go on the offensive, but Gyepes still stood strong and protected the Sarawak goal.

The situation became even more delicate in the second half as Sani Kamsani was shwon a red card, reducing Sarawak to 10 men. Selangor immediately responded by bringing on Andik Vermansyah and Hadi Yahya, thought they still found Gyepes too hard to break down.

Andik even had a pivotal attempt on the 74th minute, after combining well with Hadi, but the Indonesian's shot was blocked away brilliantly by Gyepes.

Ultimately, Sarawak held on for a crucial 1-0 victory that not only takes them to the next stage of the FA Cup, but also dumps Selangor out of it. This performance wasn't entirely surprising, considering that Gyepes has been equally pivotal in the Crocs' past few games but if he continues this form, then Sarawak will be a very hard team to crack this season.

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