El Loco: Respecting matador Ramos

Real Madrid's Sergio Ramos is a legend at 27. And he is now poised to play key roles for both his club and Spain in the World Cup.


He may be a defender but charismatic Real Madrid's Sergio Ramos is a superstar in his own rights. 

Ramos is one of the best in the world, no doubt about that. 

The Spain international is adored by many fans, all over the globe, for his gallant performances once he is on the pitch.

Like a certain Lionel Messi, it seems Ramos has been playing for ages. But the fact is that, he is only 27. 

Yes... he started his career young at the age of 17 with Sevilla.
In the summer of 2005, he was signed by Real for €27m (RM122m) , a record for a Spanish teenager.  Thus the start of his great and intriguing adventure with Los Blancos.
Ramos boasts of an enviable early career. 

Few at his age can claim of having played so many games in elite football ---: 543 at 27.. He has set a new standard for Spain, having been capped 115 times.

A year ago he became the youngest player in history to play his 100th match with Spain and will be appearing in his third World Cup in Brazil in the summer.

He is now well on his way to his 400th appearance for Real, a target he could reach by the end of the season - something only 19 players have done in the history of this huge and glamourous club.

Honours? Many.
Ramos has two consecutive European Championships with Spain. He also won the Under-19 European Championship in 2004. With Real, he can lay claim to three La Liga titles and two Champions League.

Sergio is likeable, helpful, friendly, charismatic and affectionate guy he's always been. 

Never mind the fact that he has been getting all the cards of late. He is passionate about his game and on his mind helping the team to success is the main priority.

This no-nonsense and tough tackling centreback, can also operate as a rightback if the situation arises.

He is ever ready to do battle.
After all, Ramos would have been a matador if he is not a footballer because of his love for bull fighting. He can also sing and plays a flamenco guitar, as well. 

Back to business, it is going to be a busy and important 2014 for Ramos where he aims to help Real and Spain win honours.

Real are looking forward to regain the Liga title from bitter rivals Barcelona and winning the European championship for the 10th time.

Spain, of course, will have a tough task of retaining their status as world champions in Brazil, where the South Americans like Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and even Uruguay can deny them of that honour.

And he is an influential figure for La Rojas. 

Like Spain coach Vicente del Bosque told Marca: "He's really nice lad, good natured, obedient, an optimist and committed to his club and national team. 

"One of his great virtues, apart from his physique and his quality, is the limitless self-confidence that he has in himself. He's not afraid of anything or anybody. He's brave and is daring like you wouldn't believe."

That's Ramos for you. And he will do his job well.