Poll of the Day: Indonesia or Singapore - who are the bigger rivals for Harimau Malaya?

There is so much of banter whenever Malaysia plays Indonesia or Singapore as both are considered arch rivals. Question is, which nation is a bigger rival to Malaysia?
If you are a Malaysian football fan, there is no running away from the sheer fact that games against Singapore or Indonesia are considered immense. It can be a competitive game in a tournament or maybe just a regular friendly fixture between both sides. Point is, the hostility is always there.

However, one interesting question that we could all ponder is, who is Malaysia's biggest rivals when it comes to football? Is it Indonesia or Singapore?

The rivalry with Indonesia is primarily based on the fact that there are plenty of cultural similarities between both nations. Even the national language of both countries are very much interconnected and this sort of cultural similarity creates that element of rivalry.

As for Singapore, the rivalry is primarily because of the distance as well as cultural similarity as well. Both nations are connected via a bridge and it creates this sense of causeway rivalry.

And the qualitative gap between these nations isn't high either all of them are equally defeating each other on their day. So that adds to the intense rivalry Malaysia has with Indonesia.

But in your opinion, who is Malaysia's bigger rival? Let us know!


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