Wan Zack to stay with FC Ryukyu

FC Ryukyu confirmed that they were contacted by Malaysia but were not aware of which clubs were interested in the services of Wan Zack Haikal

Wan Zack Haikal will be staying with FC Ryukyu at least till the end of his two-year contract.

This was confirmed when Goal received information from the Executive Vice President of FC Ryukyu, Sotaro Shinoda.

After several weeks of speculation around the return of Wan Zack to Malaysia, it turns out that FC Ryukyu have no plans to release the 22-year-old.

Sotaro was contacted by someone from Malaysia and according to him, the person did not say he was an agent or the club’s name.

He said: “They asked us about Wan Zack’s contract and we replied that we have a two-year contract with Wan Zack and will not release him during the contract period.”

While there is a possibility that a broker might have contacted FC Ryukyu, there is no evidence to say which clubs have interest in buying the services of Wan Zack.

Sotaro continued to praise the abilities of the former Harimau Muda player, saying that they would not be paying him if he wasn’t an asset.

“Wan Zack can play both on the right and left sides and make very good penetrating runs.

“I hope he will come back from injury as soon as possible and get back into squad.”

Wan Zack played only once for FC Ryukyu this season and was sidelined after he sustained an ankle injury.

He joined the third division Japanese side in March 2013 and looks set to stay with the club at least till 2015 when his contract runs out.