'Singapore did not dominate the game' - Azkals coach Weiss after his side's semi-final defeat

After losing to the Lions 1-0 on aggregate and missing out on the Suzuki Cup final, the German felt his team was on par with the Lions in their loss

Despite mustering only two clear cut chances, and having to rely on goalkeeper Eduard to keep his side in the game, Philippines head coach Michael Weiss was visibly downtrodden and insisted Singapore were lucky to win the return leg of the semi-final.

“Not a good time to speak as everybody is feeling down,” Weiss said at the post-match conference.

“The goal was a gift from our side. We have been training against set pieces. It was a nice shot but it (the free-kick) should not have happened. We thought it was not a foul but we do not want to blame the referee.

“Singapore did not dominate the game, but one team had to go home and unfortunately it is us and in sports we have to show dignity when we lose and continue with the next tournament.”

However, Weiss complimented Singapore for matching up to his side which contained players from Europe and believed that Singapore might be able to triumph over whichever side they play against in the finals.

“As we saw today Singapore is aggressive, not necessarily brutal,” he said.

“I think if Singapore meets Malaysia they know how to play but personally I feel Thailand is the team to count on but Raddy is a coach who takes the best out of his team.”

Having crashed out of the semi-finals for the second consecutive time, Weiss is now looking to the lower-tier Challenge Cup in order to qualify for the prestigious 2014 Asian Cup.

“Good to reach the semi-final and hope to build a better and stronger side for the future," he added.

“We will now prepare for the Challenge cup and win that tournament in order to go [to the] Asian cup 2014.

“To achieve that we need to work hard especially upfront and get physically stronger.”