'He is not only the best player of the tournament so far, he is one of the best in Asia' - Thailand coach Winfried Schafer on Teerasil Dangda

After Thailand’s comprehensive win over Myanmar, Thailand head coach Winfried Schafer has praised his team while his counterpart Park lamented his team’s lack of concentration
Both team's coaches shared their reactions after Thailand’s 4-0 routing of Myanmar on Tuesday’s evening match.

Winfried Schafer has expressed his happiness with his team, especially with his captain who he only selected on the eve of the tournament, and Thailand Premier League Golden Boot winner, Teerasil Dadang.

“Congrats to all player, not only the 14 who were on the field, but also to those on the bench and the whole team.” he said.

“I mentioned two players after the game three days ago, today I want to praise our captain, Mai (Panupong). He is fantastic, he is a real motivator, I am so happy with him, not only today, always.

“Also Teerasil. He is not only the best player of the tournament so far, he is one of the best in Asia. In previous games as well, despite coming back from a serious injury he was always a great asset.

“It was a fantastic game, a great fight. Myanmar was good as I told you in my last press conference.

“We're qualified for the semi-final already, we will have time to prepare the semi-final well, I am glad.”

Schafer also revealed what made the tactical play of closing down Myanmar’s starlet Kyi Lin in the second half to disrupt the midfielder’s game.

“At half time I talked to team. Two mistakes by the side backs gave chances to Myanmar in the first half. Their number 8 (Kyi Lin) is a very good player so I asked to double on him when needed,” Schafer added.

The Thailand head coach now intends to use the last game against Vietnam to rotate his squad, though he has no intention of losing.

“Since we are through already and because of the yellow cards I will have to rest some players, but we want to win against Vietnam,” said the German.

“This is not said in an arrogant way, we want to do our best till the end. I don't like losing matches.”

Schafer’s assurance about putting out a competent side will be sure to comfort Myanmar head coach Park Sung-Hwa, as the latter’s side need Thailand to beat Vietnam to have any hopes of progressing.

“Today the game was won by the better team. Thailand is very good, and that is why they won. We Myanmarese played to our best but we lost concentrations, and if you lose concentration you can't win," Park said.

“Today we had a lot of mistakes, and showed too much weakness, we need to prepare better for next game, our defending and our technic must improve. We will try our best.

“Now, against the Philippines, we need to win, if we want to qualify for the semifinals. We need to make experiences, to learn, it is the mentality aspect we need to work on.

“We will do our best.”