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The veteran forward proposed that the momentum of his national team’s preparation for the AFF Suzuki Cup could potentially ease the conflict between Indonesia's rival federations

Indonesia's national team belongs to the entire country, Persija Jakarta striker Bambang Pamungkas insisted on Tuesday.

The veteran recently decided to re-join the squad in preparations for AFF Suzuki Cup after being sidelined due to conflicts within the Football Association of Indonesia (PSSI).

"The national team is Indonesia, not Team PSSI or KPSI," Bambang wrote on his official website. "Our jersey is red and white, not blue or yellow. And our national team does not belong to [PSSI chairman] Djohar Arifin or [KPSI leader] La Nyalla. It belongs to all Indonesian peoples."

The 32-years-old expressed his hope that the national team could unite the two sides ahead of the regional tournament, which kicks off on November 24.

“In the midst of this critical situation, the national team is the most appropriate means of unifying them," Bambang continued. "Our team is our country’s face. Therefore, its position should be above all of the conflicts that are taking place.

"People who disagree with the union of national team players [from both the Indonesian Premier League and the rebel Indonesian Super League] are fools."