Exclusive: Indonesia team manager Habil Marati recognizes pressure

In exclusive comments to Goal.com, Indonesia's team manager was confident that his charges would come together despite delays thus far in assembling the full squad of call-ups
Indonesia national team manager Habil Marati hopes that the players play for the nation's pride instead of the money, but he certainly won't turn down a bonus should they be successful.

Indonesia's minister for housing Djan Faridz said that he will award a house as a bonus if Indonesia wins the AFF Suzuki Cup 2012 and Asia Cup 2015. PSSI are also trying to land scholarships for national team players to study at one of the top universities.
"There is such a bonus for players. But I'm not sure what they are. We have stressed that players need to play for the nation's pride, and not for a bonus," said Habil in an exclusive interview with Goal.com Indonesia's Donny Afroni.
"The pressure to win the cup is always there. But more importantly the players need to be in a confident mood. They cannot be afraid to lose. They need to play their best."

The 2010 runners-up are facing a lot of problems ahead of Southeast Asia's largest football tournament. Thus far, only half of the 35 players called up have joined the training camp. Agenda for friendlies have also been canceled. But Habil thinks that the Merah-Putih are stronger than the other three teams in Group B. But Habil thinks that the Merah-Putih are stronger than the other three teams in Group B.
"Sure there are a few issues with the national team's preparation, such as players not joining the training camp yet. But we are still going to register them to the AFF," Habil said.
“Out of 35 players, we will cut it down to just 22. If it's less than that, we will still bring whatever we have. But remember, Semen Padang players and naturalized players will join next week.
"Malaysia lost to Vietnam 2-0 [in Kuala Lumpur], and recently 1-0 [in Hanoi]. And we drew against Vietnam. I also feel that we can overcome Singapore and Laos.
"One thing's for sure, if we play with our heart and we are confident, we can achieve the best result."