World Cup is a homosexual abomination - Russian priest

Alexander Shumsky, a Russian Orthodox Christianity figure, has controversially slammed the haircuts and multi-coloured boots adorned by players in Brazil this summer
The World Cup is "a homosexual abomination" and male footballers may as well wear womens' knickers and bras, according to one Russian priest. 

Writing a column for Russian People's Line - a Christian website - Alexander Shumsky also insisted he is glad that Fabio Capello's men crashed out of a tournament he regards as fundamentally opposed to Christian values.

Under Capello, Russia failed to win any of their Group H matches, and there have been calls for the Italian to face questioning in parliament over the team's poor performance.

But Shumsky is more concerned with the Russian players choosing to wear brightly coloured boots which he claims promote the "gay rainbow", while also slamming their "unthinkable" haircuts.

"Wearing pink or blue shoes, [the squad] might as well wear women's knickers or a bra," he wrote.

"The liberal ideology of globalisation is opposed to Christian values with football. I'm sure of it.

"I am glad that Russia were eliminated and, by God's grace, no longer participate in this homosexual abomination that is the World Cup."

The pink and blue boots which Shumsky is referring to are PUMA Tricks, which were released shortly before the tournament and were worn in South American this summer by the likes of Italy's Mario Balotelli, Spain's Cesc Fabregas and Brazil's Dante.

Shumsky's comments will be a source of considerable embarrassment for Fifa, with Russia set to host the World Cup in 2018 despite questions over the country's attitudes on issues of race and homosexuality.