Suarez lawyer complains of English vendetta as Fifa promise swift action over Chiellini 'bite'

Alejandro Balbi, who represents the Liverpool striker, has bemoaned outside interference from the media in European countries while Fifa have assured a quick decision
Luis Suarez's lawyer has blamed England and Italy for the hype surrounding the Uruguayan striker's latest controversy.

The Liverpool forward has been accused of biting Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini on the shoulder in his side's 1-0 victory in their final Group D match - the third time the striker has been involved in such an incident in his career.

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However Suarez's lawyer, Alejandro Balbi, has confirmed that they are working on a defence and has insisted the confrontation has been blown out of proportion as a result of the Liverpool man's history.

"We don't have any doubts that this has happened because it's Suarez and secondly because Italy was eliminated," Balbi, who is also a Uruguay FA board member, told local Uruguayan radio.

"There's a lot of pressure from England and Italy. We’re polishing off a defence argument."

"There is a possibility that they ban him, because there are precedents, but we're convinced that it was an absolutely casual play, because if Chiellini can show a scratch on one shoulder, Suarez can show a bruised and almost shut eye.

"If every player starts showing the injuries he suffers and they open inquiries for them everything will be way too complicated in the future. We’re going to use all the arguments possible so that Luis gets out in the best possible way.”

Meanwhile, Fifa have promised an immediate decision from its disciplinary committee after they opened an investigation into Suarez's actions.

The striker and the Uruguay FA have until 2100 GMT to respond with their own evidence and the independent committee is believed to have arranged to meet as soon as the deadline has passed.

“The disciplinary committee understands the urgency of the matter and is working to make a decision as soon as possible, particularly as Uruguay are still in the tournament,” said a Fifa spokeswoman.

“They have already showed they are fully aware of the urgency of the matter. They will address the matter with the necessary urgency.”