For Real sake, Mourinho should say "Adios" Malaysia's Mustapha "El Loco" Kamaruddin believes that under fire Jose Mourinho should leave Real Madrid


Mutiny? Revolt? The bottom line is that things are not well at Real Madrid despite countless denials.

The problems see no end.

There still seems to be an on-going 'crisis' between controversial manager Jose Mourinho and the senior players - especially the Spanish ones.

To make matters worse, Mourinho had a bust-up a few days ago with fellow countryman and superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, of all people.

Mourinho, whether or not he is the ‘Special One’, just has to leave in the summer so that Real can focus more on their football rather than all the hodgepodge locker room politics .

After all, Mourinho has hinted to the world on numerous occasions that he would love to return to England.

The Catalans have shown disdain towards their coach’s strategies and the former Chelsea manager should head for the front door before any hairdryers start flying around.

They have gone so far as to propose an ultimatum to club president Florentino Perez – making him choose the players or Mourinho. "It's Mourinho or us!”

During a summit earlier this week, senior players Iker Casillas and Sergio Ramos have stepped up to reiterate that they will indeed leave Real if the ‘Special One’ remained in charge, a Marca report said.

“(Mourinho) is the best manager we've ever worked with” but since the defeat to Malaga, “he has distanced himself from the players,” Casillas and Ramos told reporters.

“The players have noticed (the change) and they're unwilling to die for him like before,” the Spaniards added.

Despite news of unrest in the Santiago Bernabéu camp spreading online, president Perez has denied all such reports on players’ revolt and condemning them to be outright lies. Marca on the other hand, have stood by their story.

There is much speculation surrounding the news of Mourinho’s problems with his team and possible departure in the summer.

As for now, it’s all a bunch of ‘he-said-she-said’ mishmash. One things for sure, English football fans would be delighted to have the Portuguese back in the Barclays Premier League. We all know how he can spice things up on the sidelines.

Nonetheless, Mourinho has already conceded the Primera Liga title to rivals Barcelona and reportedly said that the huge gap between them is too much to overcome.

However, Real's objectives for the remainder of this season is to win the Champions League and Cope del Rey, according to the manager.

Real Madrid, even with a squad of talented players, face an uphill task to accomplish their goals – if at all the locker gossip contains any substance.

The Los Merengues will face European giants, Manchester United, in the Champions League’s last 16 and will be without veteran custodian Casillas who will be out of action after breaking his hand.

Antonio Adan takes his place between the posts but might give Real fans the jitters after he put out an unimpressive showing against the 4-3 win against Real Sociedad.

Will Robin van Persie be too much of unstoppable force for Adan or can Real rise to the occasion and prove that they can plough through these difficult times?

Only time will tell.

Mourinho, the ball is in your court now. Will you leave or will you leave Real in shambles?