Real bad blood: Mourinho or Casillas has to go

Mustapha 'El Loco' Kamaruddin reckons Jose Mourinho's decision to bench club legend Iker Casillas has paved the way for more drama to unfold at Real Madrid


Things will not be the same anymore between Real Madrid captain Iker Casillas and  manager Jose Mourinho after what transpired in the last few days.

Never mind the fact that these two are professionals and have to give their best under whatever circumstances.

But don't forget, they are humans as well and it is not easy to make up if something bitter happens between them.

It started when Mourinho benched club icon Casillas for the away Primera Liga match against formidable Malaga last Saturday for 'technical reasons'.

Playing in place of Casillas was Antonio Adan in a match where Real lost 3-1.

As a result Real are now 16 points behind leaders Barcelona and practically can already say adios to whatever chance of retaining the title.

This was the first time in 10 years that the 31-year-old Casillas had been benched.

The move stunned many.

Casillas has been diplomatic in his approach, though, and said he would not criticize Mourinho for his action but try to fight his place back.

But deep down, he may well be upset.

His gloomy face while sitting on the bench said it all. His body language also showed it all especially when the goals were conceded against Malaga.

However, the move by Mourinho on Saturday was kind of expected as there were earlier reports saying that relationship between the Portuguese and some of his players had not been that cordial this season.

Of course, the players and Mourinho denied the reports.

And Marca reported yesterday that relationship between Mourinho and Casillas had deteriorated over the past two months.

This 'technical decision', as Mourinho described it, conceals issues which go beyond purely sporting reasons.

There is no communication between goalkeeping coach Silvino Louro and Casillas, and the upshot is that Mourinho has begun to lose faith in the first team's regular goalkeeper in favour of Adán.

The critical point of the matter is that Louro is not on speaking terms with Casillas! How are they going to work together then?

To what degree might this situation have influenced Mourinho's shock decision?

Louro is pretty close to Mourinho.

There is a level of trust between them which extends beyond professional matters. In addition to working together, they are good friends.

The report claimed Mourinho likes to boast that he has a sporting family, which is united, free of rifts, and which supports him.

Fitness coach Rui Faria is his right-hand man and Louro holds a similar position.

The bad blood between Casillas and Louro, who Mourinho will fight tooth and nail to defend, could cause problems for the goalkeeper.

And Sport reported yesterday that Manchester United and Liverpool are being linked with frozen out Casillas.

The report claimed Casillas has decided there is no way back for him at Real if Mourinho stays beyond the end of this season.

Casillas believes the situation is untenable and if they were both to stay it would cause huge damage to Real, both inside the locker room and among the supporters.

Madrid media sources are already suggesting three potential destinations for Casillas - United, Liverpool and AC Milan.

Liverpool and United have been linked with new goalkeeper signings this season, which raises the prospect of a swap involving Pepe Reina or David de Gea respectively.

One thing is for sure things are looking bad at the Bernabeu.

Oh yes...Real fans want Mourinho sacked.

The mediocre results of the season thus far, coupled with the latest Portuguese carry-ons have tried them too much, and the cry of "Enough!" has come up from the ballots.

Benching Casillas has been the straw that broke the camel's back.

Marca's question "Should Real Madrid Sack Mourinho?" asked to nearly 100,000 fans was met with a resounding "Yes" by 82.4 percent of them!

Quite clearly, the 'love affair' between Mourinho and his fans is definitely over.

Interesting to know whether Casillas will be back in the starting line-up when Primera Liga resumes after the winter break.

Let's wait and see. More drama to come, for sure.