Goal.com Malaysia readers divided over state of Malaysian football

A poor run of form has seen the national team win none of their last six games and Goal.com Malaysia readers appear to be divided over the issue
The AFF Cup triumph was greeted with roars of glory and it definitely paved the way for bigger expectations. After years of being in the shadow of their predecessors, Malaysia finally had a reason to smile and hopes were being raised again.

However, it now appears that after two great years that saw the Malayan Tigers win both the AFF Cup and Sea Games Gold Medal last year, Malaysian football has hit a plateu. A large number of Goal.com Malaysia readers agree with the motion after witnessing the Malayan Tigers scrape a 1-1 draw against lowly-ranked Philippines recently.

But only around 44% of believed that the state of football in Malaysia is declining and that further improvisation has to be made to revitalize it. 26% of voters dismissed the claim, while 30% believe there is no great need for panic and that this poor run of form might just be a minor blip.

Hafiz from Johor pointed out at a niggling issue, stating: We lack international matches

Concerned Fan from KL claimed: For Malaysia, they seriously need to find their own groove back. They rarely pass the ball around with each other, constantly pushing upfront alone.

Nonetheless, Phi from USA disagreed, saying: Malaysia is still a powerhouse - they just need to finish their chances. Azkals fan here, it was a great match, but Malaysia had more clear-cut chances and if it weren't for the goalkeepers Malaysia would have won. It's just an unlucky streak. You have a great left-wing.

Moque from Malaysia prefered to be optimistic, stating: The team has the right core with players like Apek, Safiq, Safee, Fadhli Shas, Asra, Mahali, Kunalan, Safee and Nurshahrul. they are among the best that we had but the problem is how well RG picks the others to complete the squad? Shakir seems a good choice but did Zaquan merited inclusion? Helmi Remeli and Zairo looks good on current performance but why Amar still on the list? and RG needs to scrapped 442 because the players that we had right now not suitable for that formation

There are visibly different views and opinions to the issue but perhaps enough to suggest that Malaysian football might be facing a roadblock.

Meanwhile Malaysia have slipped two places to 152 in the latest Fifa rankings.