Poll of the Day: Who has the best haircut on show at Euro 2012?

It is nice to see when players make an effort for their country, however we did not expect them to go to such lengths when it came to their locks. So, which is the best?


It’s not just football on display in Poland and Ukraine this summer, along with their impressive skills with their feet, some players have dazzled us with their haircuts.

As Spain attempt to defend their European Championship crown, Sergio Ramos has opted to get rid of his long, greasy barnet, and throw out the Alice band, in favour of a far more modern, shorter and stylish ‘quiff’ affair.

Andrea Pirlo, on the other hand, is sticking with his tried-and-test long, flowing locks, and we don’t mind one bit. Ever heard of the phrase ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’? Well, we agree with the length of his jet-black do.

Elsewhere on the Italy team, we have the ever-changing hair of Mario Balotelli. The youngster’s hair seems to grow at a remarkably rapid pace as, during the last Premier League season, he was sporting a new approach seemingly every game.

And for Euro 2012, he has opted for an, erm, interesting tiny bleached-blonde Mohawk. Kids, eh?!

Even Ashley Cole, who has stuck with the same shaven look for as long as we can remember has tried something new for the tournament, as he stepped out with a strange ‘sting-ray-on-the-head’ look after shaving the sides of his head but leaving the top ever so slightly longer.

And that, as it would have it, is a variation of what Wayne Rooney has opted for too.

Despite spending a rather large sum of money on a hair transplant recently to stop his male pattern baldness, he has now shaved most of it off and left a wavy tuft on the top of his head. Well, it’s his money.


So which style has made rush down to the barbers? Let us know by voting in the poll below! If you have another suggestion, pop it into the comments section!