Adriano unhappy at criticism of him visiting hometown

The former Inter striker left Flamengo last week after he missed a host of training sessions but has since been pictured relaxing after the passing of his father
Former Brazil international Adriano has hit back at critics after spending time away from the game in Vila Cruzeiro just a week after announcing he was leaving Flamengo.

The former Inter forward revealed his decision after missing a number of training sessions during his recovery from an Achilles injury, but he insisted he wanted to be closer to the community where he grew up after the death of his father.

"It's too complicated for me, my father, when he died, said only one thing to me 'Adriano, be yourself'," he told Fox Sports.

"And I am what I am. I'm thrilled to be near my father here. Everyone judges me because I'm in my community.

"Do you know why? Because here I can drink beer because I want to drink. Here I am like everyone else. I can eat a hot dog, a burger, buy a car and not be denied."

Rumours have been growing that the 30-year-old will announce his retirement from the game in the upcoming weeks after a frustrating few years.