Lambert: Fans are in dreamland if they think they'll get Lescott

Aston Villa boss reveals that the club will need to sell players if they want to bring in any new ones, while quashing reports that linked the Man City defender to the Villans

Paul Lambert has admitted that Aston Villa do not have the funds to buy either Joleon Lescott or Scott Parker, who have both been linked in the media with possible moves to the Premier League side.

Villa are currently involved in a relegation battle, and although the transfer window will be important for the club, Lambert has admitted that lack of resources will make it difficult for him to recruit new players without selling anyone first.

When Lambert was asked by reporters: “When fans say things like ‘we need Joleon Lescott, we need Scott Parker’, are they in dreamland?", he replied:

Lambert told reporters, “Yes, money, I think that’s the reality of it. We can’t do it.

“Yes, it’s probably fair to say we’ve not got that [money], so you have to box clever,” he said. “A lot of things get dominated by finance.”

Lambert also confirmed that the club will have to sell players before they re-invest in the transfer window.

He continued: “You can’t do anything if the phone doesn’t go.

“It’s not something where you pick up the phone to someone and say he’s for sale or he’s for sale. You don’t do that. If a phone call comes in then you deal with it.”

Lambert has pin-pointed the two areas which he would like to strengthen. When questioned if he is looking to improve the central areas of defence and midfield, he responded: “It’s two areas we’re looking at, yes.

“We need some strength in the side, especially in the middle of the pitch.

“We’re trying to do something at this minute. We’re trying to do something.

“We need to try and do something this window, we have to try.”